BoLuo XinLong Enameled Wire Co. Ltd., is located in LiaoZi Industrial Area,YuanZhou Town,BoLuo,HuiZhou,GuangDong China . The company was built in March of 2000. With the joint efforts of the administering authorities of the company and staff, the business is becoming more prosperous every day, already been developed into a professional enterprise which annually produce over 2000 tons enameled wires and own a staff of 60. Our company has enameled machine of the advanced intelligent laser monitoring system of computer, to control the whole course of production, make the quality of the products get the assurance. 
      The team of well-trained staff and qualified personnel, can be swift and timely to produce the satisfied and high quality products for the clients. 

      At present,The main products in clue enameled wire(TL-UEW) 、Polyester enameled wire(PEW)、Polyurethane enameled wire(UEW)、Polyamide over polyyrethane enameled wire(UEW+NY)、Polyamide overcoated polyester enameled wire(PEW+NY)、Solderable polyester-imide enameled wire(SEIW)、Polyester-imide enameled wire(EIW)、Amide-imide overcoated polyester0imide enameled wire(EAIW)、Amide-imide enameled wire(AIW)、 Nylon fusable enameled wire(NEW) ,the production specification is Φ0.04-Φ0.08 millimeter.
       In order to adapt the increasingly fierce market competition, realize and provide better products and service that required for the clients, we has passed the Quality Management Certification of ISO9001:2000 in December of 2001. We keep and improve this quality system constantly, in order to reach the supreme realm that the company manages--Surmount the clients' expectation, make the enterprise last forever.
► The management theory: 
Supply the products and service quality better than the rival